Artificial Intelligence and Importance of CMA ,USA program

Artificial Intelligence is moving towards a big leap and already given indications of how companies will move towards AI with an insight to have savings on time, cost and also on the value creation part with minimizing the human errors. Many of the BPO companies started investing in establishing Robots to replace the human capital.What would be the effect which can be illustrated by an example

An activity in a conventional BPO lets says Record to Report which is being handled by an “FTE” through a standard process now could be completely delighted to a Robot to whom the programming for the activity needs to be programmed.What will be the impact, Lakhs of human capital could be replaced with Robots to manage that a minimum of human managers required. Don’t get surprised few years from now floors of many of the BPO’s and KPO’s filled with Robots and a marginal % with human managers.

Not too far there may be laws on Anti- robots coming in to picture to ensure that humans still could survive if otherwise all actions could be replaced by the programmed steel animals. While speaking of the 10% human managers again the competency and professionalism will play a major role and the skill set of those individuals would be such that it couldn’t be replicated through robots From that perspective Institute of Management Accountant ( IMA) plays a vital role by grooming professionals who could not be replaced in an industry with any alternatives whether a human or mechanical system. Logic School of Management ( plays a vital role in grooming this professional and getting them placed in leading MNCs and the kind of knowledge base they posses ensure they are irreplaceable irrespective of any movements in finance segment

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