Can you spend 1 hour a day to be a US CMA? If yes, we will make you a CMA.

The US CMA Online Classes @ Logic are customized in such a manner that it fits with the schedule of busy finance students and professionals of India, Middle East and other Asian countries. The live online classes start dot at 10 pm Indian Time and continue for an hour every day from Monday to Saturday. Indian people can finish off their dinner and sit in front of their computer within the comfort of home to study for US CMA. No traveling, no getting delayed. The US CMA Online classes are compact and to the point with no dead air in between. Even the Middle East finance professionals come back from work and can attend the classes around 7.30 pm/8.00 pm their time.

 The US CMA Online Classes are interactive in nature in which you can ask a direct question to the faculty or share your opinion with a fellow student through voice/chat. If you miss any class for some sudden priorities of life, you are still not in much loss. The recording of the live class is sent to your email id on the next morning itself. We suggest you go through the recording once anytime throughout the day, maybe during your lunch break or while having a quick bite during recess. A quick revision on the next day itself helps a lot in your final preparation for the exam. The US CMA Online Classes of Logic acts as a platform for finance professionals all over the world to interact with each other, discuss and share knowledge. You get an opportunity to interact with like-minded ambitious professionals from different cities of India, Middle East, African Countries, Singapore and also with people working in the US. This gives you a global exposure even before you become a US CMA.

Penned by: Bhaswati Bhattacharya, Director ( Online Studies) Logic School.                           contact her: bhaswati@logiccpacma

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