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If you are a busy student or a professional who is planning to write the CMA exam, you do not need to come out of your daily schedule to be a CMA US. All you need is effective time management skills and follow a daily routine religiously to make things meet from both ends. Here are a few tips on how to study for the CMA exam without putting much impact on your present day schedule.

  1. Stay focused:

However busy you remain throughout the day, keep CMA prep on top of your priority list. Make an estimation of your total workload throughout the day, allocate the anticipated hours required for each assignment and adhere to that routine. Smart time management can multiply your productivity by 10 times than what it is now.

  1. Attend classes regularly:

If you have enrolled yourself in a CMA training class, make sure your attendance is 100% there. You may be a brilliant student once or might have good knowledge in accounting, but being irregular to classes makes you defocused and changes your life priorities. Interact with your faculty in the class and try to clear doubts in-situ.

  1. Revise:

Every day keeps at least an hour to revise the topic you have learned in the last class. This one hour may be in your recess while having lunch, during your evening snacks or maybe before going to bed. If you have the recording of the class play it at that time and relate it to your study materials. Focus more on concept clarity than memorizing.

  1. Keep yourself calm and healthy:

While we go through a strict daily routine, it is most important to stay composed and energized. Have a sound sleep at night and have a healthy diet.

  1. Cut-off unproductive hours:

When you have a focus ahead, restrain yourself from useless gossiping, partying or huge socializing. You need to remind yourself that your CMA exam is your top priority. Everything else is secondary. You can rebuild your PR skills again after your exams.

  1. Give extra-hours on weekends:

Devote 3 to 4 hours for your CMA prep at every weekend. Revise the whole week’s course covered, solve all relevant MCQs, explore the probable essay questions and make a note of your doubts which are to be clear in your next class or in one to one basis with your mentor.

  1. Solve Mock Papers:

After every chapter is covered, make sure you solve the mock questions of that chapter within the time limit given by your mentor. Get your paper checked and keep a track of the marks you are obtaining. If you are getting less than 70%, it means you need to work harder.

  1. A Study in small groups:

If you have like-minded friends or colleagues nearby, consider yourself lucky. Study in a group or 2 or 3 and discuss concepts in which you are weak. Remember, US professional accounting exams demand an absolute clarity of your core concepts in Finance. Hence the more you share with the right person, the more knowledge you will gain. Motivate each other.

  1. Soothe thy nerves:

If listening to music gives you that extra pleasure, do not deprive yourself totally from it. It may also be playing basketball or meditating or para-gliding. Do not stop your hobby fully. This may have a negative effect on your overall well-being and will affect your exams.

  1. Plan for your exams:

You need to target the exam windows in which you will write your exam’s. If you are confident to give it a go, start the administrative procedures of writing exams one month before.

  1. Take a week off before your exam

When the exam day approaches near, request a few days off from your employer. This will help you to recharge your energy and make sure you are fully focused towards the exam.

When everything is in place, give a leap of faith. Wish you all the best!

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