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I believe that you are aware of the massive prospects one enjoys his career being a CPA.

The path in front of you will only & only lead you to bigger SUCCESS.

Logic provides Branded Study Materials of Hock International and Intensive Live Online One to One Mentoring for all 4 parts along with Recordings & Admin help at a most competitive price of 75,000 INR plus GST.

A CPA is the most eligible candidate for the CFO position within a company and earns 8 figure salary and prestige.

It is time you enroll.

Attend classes from your home computer after your working hours are over ( 9.30 pm to 10.30 pm Indian Time). Get hard copies of study materials couriered to your address and soft copies to your email. Get a recording of every class the next day morning.

Friend, Invest in your GROWTH.

Bcoz, the knowledge, skill and the CPA designation will help you hugely in life & please do not DELAY any further.

Because Tomorrow you will wish you had started Today.

Good News- Book your seat paying 50k within 15th of July and pay the rest in next 30 days.

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Best Wishes! LOGIC SCHOOL OF INTERNATIONAL STUDIES, The exclusive Hock Partner in India for CPA studies

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