Invest in Employees with the CMA

Why the MNCs invest in employees with the CMA? Listen what the top employers say:

CMA certification from the IMA US has been instrumental in advancing the careers of accounting and finance professionals from a variety of backgrounds.

From Fortune 500 companies to small and medium-sized businesses, employers in every industry recognize the value of CMAs.

The reason is simple – CMAs possess the skills needed to improve business performance.

Listen what the top employers say about this designation.

“IBM supports the CMA program because we believe that our accountants having the skills and the knowledge to address business issues of today is really important.”

– Russell Porter, CMA, CFM, Vice President, FP&A, IBM

“It looked like the CMA was a certification that they (Johnson & Johnson) supported. They reimbursed for it. And, on top of it, they actually were paying out a bonus, so as a part of your pay, you actually got rewarded.”

– Christian Cuzick, CMA, Senior Director of Finance, Johnson & Johnson

“Getting my CMA has really helped within the finance ranks because this certification is very much valued at our company.”

– Virginia D. White, CMA, Corporate Purchasing Finance Director, Cummins

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