To all the confused minds, go for CPA with Hock-Logic


Benefits of HOCK CPA (Certified Public Accountant) Exam Preparation

* HOCK fully covers the CPA exam syllabus with complete and comprehensive CPA study materials and software with MCQs so that you can pass the exam on your first attempt.

*HOCK offers the best Guarantees with all of our CPA Exam Prep, all included at no extra cost.

*Hock provides you both Hard Copies and Soft Copies of materials.Use your computer, tablet, or smartphone to study wherever you go or use the traditional comfortable hard books whichever suits you.

*Use the materials for as long as you need to pass the exams, with free material updates included. No Expiry Date of software.

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Logic is the India exclusive partner of Hock International for CPA US.

Apart from in-depth coaching for every part, our CPA students will get Hock International CPA Hard Books, auto-updated unlimited access of Hock CPA e-books as well as Hock CPA Software with hundreds of MCQs and Simulations to practice.     

 Check here to see the demo materials

LOGIC offerings:

  1. Guidance for CPA Eligibility evaluation and NTS
  2. Internationally acclaimed CPA study materials and software of Hock International.
  3. Intensive live online coaching and recordings for all 4 parts of CPA (3 months for each part). You may continue with our coaching cycles till you pass all 4 papers.
  4. Recording of each class sent the next morning.
  5. Administrative guidelines required to register with AICPA, write Exams and acquire License.

#Logic’s CPA mentors are having 20 to 30 years of industry and teaching experience and are CPA themselves.

#Logic provides the most economical package for CPA US study throughout the globe restoring high-quality parameters.

#We also provide a separate package of Hock CPA Study materials, Software and Offline Faculty Support for those who want to pursue CPA in self-study mode.

  • If you are a post-graduate in finance and understand the necessity to grab the highest public accountant status of the world, contact us at or call at  91- 9538154566 today.

  • If you are only BCom but still determined to go for CPA, we will help you out to be eligible along with your CPA preparation.

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