The Future Of Labor Is Going To Be Fusion

#cma us institute Human + Efficient Machines” Grasping the Future of Indian Economy, organizations are very enthusiastic about the intensification of AI-driven technologies. They are quite optimistic about collaborating with intelligent machines and they plan to advance significantly in building AI related capabilities, talent, infrastructure, and systems.#best CMA institute in Bangalore

From domestic robots to drones, Artificial Intelligence (AI) to smart cars, we are now apparently surrounded by endless tech innovations -all set to enhance the way we experience the world around us. We can now rely on a next-generation, smart, voice-based assistants to remind us of our meetings, travel plans, order a cab, check for the best available insurance plans and keep a tab on premiums due, order grocery, control lighting and much more – without the need to glance at a smartphone or computer screen! Thanks to the rise of AI and natural language processing (NLP) algorithms, we are now surrounded by devices that listen, learn and respond to us. In the past, India has been fortunate to leapfrog generations in several technologies, such as the time when the country leapfrogged into the mobile wireless era. Legacy did not matter and another such opportunity beckons India once again. If executed well, a well thought out Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategy can take India into a different league. For example, Accenture in a recent report has highlighted that AI can boost India’s annual growth rate by 1.3 percentage points by 2035. In sectors like healthcare, India clearly needs affordable and improved access. All the above leads to a Robot driven man era for future but the key point is to what extent human intelligence could be replicated and the professionalism he acquires and the experience which is gained out of the same could be replaced by the machines. Answer is not possible , that is the place where organizations like Institute of Management accountants play a key role in bringing in core finance and accounts topic in its Certified Management Program and players like Logic School of Management plays a vital role in promoting CMA program in large scale and helping to boost industry and help students to get placed in good companies. #cpa usa online coaching,#cpa us online,#us cpa training courses,#cma usa course details


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