The most economic time to take admission for US CMA

A Decision Maker is the most valued person in the Finance Industry and he requires a particular skill set to take the Financial Decisions on behalf of a whole organisation. CMA US gifts you with those valuable skills of getting into the crucial Decision Making Role within the company. Hence the demand of International Management  Accountants is soaring sky-high today in MNCs. The compact, industry relevant syllabus with only 2 papers makes US CMA the choice of ambitious finance professionals all over the globe today.
Why CMA from Logic?  

LOGIC, an official study centre of IMA US, with its experience of last 12 years in training finance professionals for US CMA, is an unquestionably reliable place to meet your CMA goal.  We don’t need to make big promises, thousands of Logic alumni working in prestigious positions around the world are evidence of our quality.

In a nutshell,

  • We provide 360 degree live online unlimited (till you pass) training for US CMA by the best faculties of the industry in highly professional technical IT platform like webex.
  • The live online class timing is customized for working professionals: 10 pm to 11 p Indian Time
  • You get a soft copy of Wiley CMAexcel (the only IMA authorized study material ) within Logic Package.
  • Logic’s pass-rate is around 70% since its inception in 2004. An expert team of veteran faculties is dedicated for this purpose.
  • You get a recording of every class the next morning for revision.
  • You also get extensive Mock Tests and one to one faculty support here.



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