Things you must do before your CMA USA exam

The must do things before your CMA USA exam:

Study Hard:

Yeah, well you can’t avoid it. You have to get all that information into your brain somehow, right? Take notes, the re-write information you have trouble remembering, make flash cards, draw pictures, create rhymes. Do whatever you need to learn and remember crucial information.

Do Sample Problems & take online mock exams:

On your way or during breaks, review sample problems or questions. Have a friend or parent quiz you. Flash cards are one of the best tools for studying. Not only do they provide an opportunity for you to write the information – and repetition is the key when it comes to learning new concepts – they are an easy tool to use on your own, or for someone else to use, to test your knowledge.

You Are What You Eat:

That bag of chips and a soda may be what your taste buds want but they are not what your body needs before a test. The better nourished you are, the better your brain will function. Eat whole grains, fruits and veggies. They will give you more energy and help your brain remember important facts. Avoid caffeine and sugars which can increase jitters and cause caffeine/sugar crashes once they’re absorbed.

Get Plenty of Sleep:

Allowing yourself to get a good night’s sleep should always be a priority but even more so the night before your test. Cramming the night before is the worst thing you can do. A well-rested brain is much more likely to respond under pressure.

Visualize a Positive Outcome:

Picture yourself sitting at your desk taking the test. Imagine all of the answers bubbling effortlessly to the top of your consciousness. Visualize your target score.

Get Up Earlier Than Usual:

Allow yourself an extra 30-45 minutes to wake up and eat a healthy breakfast. Do a quick run through of your sample questions, unless you feel it will make you more anxious.

Breathe Deep:

When you feel anxiety building, take slow breaths. Focus on a deep inhale and a full exhale, which will calm your nerves and reset your brain. This technique also oxygenates your brain and gives it an extra energy boost.

Walk Confidently:

You’ve done all you can to prepare, now enjoy the confidence of knowing you’re giving it your all. Take pride in your newfound test skills.

Hope this helps you crack your CMA USA exams 🙂 

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