US CMAs is the preferred choice for Management Accountancy Roles

US CMAs is the preferred choice for management accountancy roles in the MNCs of India today. May it be Deloitte, Capgemini, Caterpillar, Tesco, Johnson and Johnson, PWC, HSBC, Bank of America, Royal Bank of Scotland or any other MNC, a US CMA is the first preference where there is a vacancy of management accountants within the company. The reasons are mani-folded. US CMA makes you a smart finance professional equipped with the latest finance technologies practiced globally today. You get habituated to excel within a tight and compact time schedule during your studies only. The average age of a fresh US CMA is much lower than the average age of any other CMA of the world as the course can be completed only in 6 months. Hence if you are planning for a future in Management Accounting, Panning & Budgeting and Decision Making, take up US CMA blindly and head on towards a multi-dimensional future. For US CMA syllabus, exams and more you may check LOGIC School of International Studies

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