What motivates people to go for Professional Accounting Qualifications?

The awareness, motivation and readiness for professional accounting education are increasing among the accounting students and professionals at a steady rate since the advent of Globalization. Students have started to understand that the knowledge gained in traditional degrees in accounting is more bookish and less practiced. To be tuned with the latest practices of the corporate world, one needs to have in-hand skills and efficiencies in the updated technologies, concepts and rules which are governing the world of today’s corporate world. And only a professional qualification in finance and accounting can provide them with these career necessities. Students’ choice in pursuing a higher accounting education is influenced by their expectations of how well they believe their time in higher accounting education would assist them in achieving specific learning outcomes and how confident they are in their academic ability such as in developing new skills, and passing the examinations during the higher education.

The motives of students to pursue such qualifications can be categorized into three types

1) instrumental (acquire a degree for occupational prosperity and mobility);

2) scholastic (intellectual simulation and purely academic);

3) social (aspiration for a better social life and prestige).

Whereas that extrinsic factors such as professional status, prospect of financial rewards and career aspirations are the main reasons for pursuing higher education by students, intrinsic factors like opportunities to develop intellectual abilities, knowledge and skills, broadening of horizons and new challenges, desire for a better education and social opportunities are also highly rated as decision influencing agents in pursuing higher accounting education.

Whatever is your driving factor is, pursuing a professional qualification in finance and accounting is highly recommended by industry experts to build a recession-independent, mobile and rewarding future in the F&A industry. To get a free neutral counseling on which professional qualification suits your profile the most.

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