• 50 years ago your grandfather might have taken more than a week to search for an old work file amongst thousands of others stacked in the store room racks.
  • 30 years ago your dad might have travelled 2000 kilometers todiscuss on a new work update with his team.
  • Today you take fraction of a second to trace a file within your computer and a video-conference of hardly 30 minutes can save your time, money and hassle of travelling 2000 kilometers.

Credit goes not only to the new innovations of technology, but also to our inherent power of adapting newer ideas as a part of our eternal pursuit towards an elevated quality of life.

Since last one decade the concept of online learning or e-learning has started revolutionizing the domain of higher studies.Professionals are increasingly looking for online methods that providewholesome training to the global work force beyond the boundaries of states and countries. Market trends mirror this move and recent innovations have made e-learning a more powerful way to deliver high-profile training content to students. The experiences of those who have gone down this road before can be a guide to many just arriving at the decision now. The reasons behind the increasing popularity of Live Online Interactive Classrooms are manifold:

  • Simple, Flexible Logistics : Location and Time are the greatest barriers for the right student to reach the right teacher. E-learning overcomes this hurdle easily. Stay in any corner of the world but get access to learn from the world experts in management accountancy. Classes are scheduled keeping in mind the convenience of the majority of students, generally, 10 pm to 11 pm IST.
  • Better Involvement : With smart design, user interface, and multimedia, online classrooms proveto be richer and more effective learning experience than traditional ones. You get all facilities and more than what you get in a physical classroom. Your computer screen itself turns to a whiteboard where you see the faculty solving problems or share his presentations on the particular topic. Have a question? Click on “Raise your Hand”. Speak using your microphone and get an instant solution of your query from the subject expert.
  • Greater Access to Expertise : In any country, there are only a handful of experts,especially when it comes to a world class syllabus and degree.E-Learning takes away the limitations of geography, and expertise is free to travel almost anywhere.
  • Undisturbed Schedule : Live Online Classes do not hamper your regular job or help you restore other commitments.
  • Compact & Speedy : As per our experience, an online class faces lower absenteeism of students and teachers than a physical class. As it is compact and free of external disturbances, the syllabus is covered earlier than the physical classes.
  • Recordings & Revisions : Students receive the recorded versions at the end of each Live Online Class for the ease of revision. This facility is absent in physical classrooms.
  • Mocks and Feedbacks : Online Mock Tests after every chapter and at the end of each part along with Master Mocks are conducted to keep a thorough track of your exam-readiness.
  • Hassle Free Study : No driving, no traffic signals, no getting late – makes your learning process easy-to-concentrate from the home comfort.
  • Admin Support : Online students receive equal admin supports from Logic as their classroom counter-parts right from enrolment till getting certified by IMA(US).
  • Access to Global Network : A Global Class provides you an exposure to the Finance Fraternity of the world and boosts your career profile manifold.
  • Branded Study Material : Online CMA US students receive Wiley CMA Gold Review Course with the official IMA Learning System textbooks (eBook) and unlimited access to the Online Test Bank with additional questions and essays.
    CPA Online students will get access of Hock International Hard Books, auto-updated unlimited access of Hock CPA e-books as well as Hock CPA Software with hundreds of MCQs and Simulations to practise.
  • Visit our CMA US page to view recordings of our Live Online Interactive Classes.